Wien (Vienna)


Country/State Continent Population Language Latitude/Longitude Distance Apart
Chariton Co, MO N. America 40 English 39.6608615,-92.7843587 4,980 miles
Austria Europe 1,867,960 German 48.2082/16.3738


Wien (Vienna), Austria

Vienna (Wien in German), is the capital of Austria and it’s history dates back to the first century AD. Famous for exquisite palaces and numerous museums, Vienna also has many churches. One of the more famous churches is the Votivkirche, which was built following a failed assassination attempt on Emperor Franz Joseph to thank God for saving the Emperor’s life.

Votive Church – Vienna


Vienna Festival

Many renowned musicians called Vienna, Austria home during their most productive years, including, MozartBeethoven, and Haydn. Not surprising, today’s Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and the Vienna Boys Choir receive international fame.

A popular cultural event is the Vienna Festival. Since it’s origin in the 1950s, the festival, which runs from mid-May to mid-June, typically welcomes over 200,000 visitors each year.

Wien, Missouri





Then there’s the tiny town of Wien, Missouri. Located about 17 miles north of Salisbury off of 129 north, Wien’s beginnings are typical of many small towns in this part of the country.

A  A Brief History of Wien, Missouri provides a detailed history of the areas, but in a nutshell, Irish and English immigrants originally settled in the area in 1827, followed by German Catholics, who established the first church and school in 1873. Three years later, the town was officially named Wien, which is German for Vienna.


Hometown of the 1999 Miss Missouri, Wien is also the site of  St Mary of the Angels Catholic Church.

Dedicated in 1892, St Mary of the Angels is a beautiful building and grounds, reminiscent of a time when the church was the focal point of every small town. Today tourists and the faithful can walk through the massive doors and step back to a simpler time. A small gift shop area features various items, such as statues and religious pictures. There is also a newer school and parish hall.

St Mary’s Church














A popular event is the annual Wien Picnic. Traditionally held on the first Sunday in August, the Wien Picnic draws crowds from far and wide who look forward to a large country meal, a chance to their luck at bingo and purchase a little something from the beer garden. Games for the kids round out the event, along with the popular turtle racing!

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  1. Barbara E. Coburger says:

    My Great-Grandfather Johann George Biegel moved to Wien in 1874-1874. He married Anna Marie Sommer on January 30,1832. Have numerous ancestors in the cemetery there.

    • molly says:


      Thanks for your note. Sorry for the delay but we were at our daughters wedding the last week.

      Yes, I grew up in Marceline not far from Wien. Neat area. My wife works with someone from there. Small world!

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