Country/State Continent Population Language Latitude/Longitude Distance Apart
Camden Co, MO N. America 130 English 38.0040/-92.5250 790 miles
Canada N. America 2,503,000 English 43.7000/-79.4000


Toronto, Canada

The most populous city in Canada, Toronto is the capital of Ontario province. First settled in 1750 and established as a town in 1793, Toronto city lies on the shores of Lake Ontario and was originally named York. Today, with a population of over 2.5 million, the city covers an area of approximately 245 sq. miles.

Some of top attractions in Toronto include: the CN Tower, the Royal Ontario Museum, and, of course, the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The CN Tower, located in downtown Toronto, is over 1800 feet high, features a glass floor and a revolving eatery with panoramic views of the area.

CN Tower Toronto Canada

Located in Old Toronto, the Royal Ontario Museum offers several exhibits pertaining to natural history and world cultures, along with a dinosaur display in the Libeskind crystal wing.

The Hockey Hall of Fame, also in Old Toronto, displays a large collection of hockey memorabilia, interactive games, and is the home to the Stanley Cup, as well as other hockey trophies and awards.

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Toronto, Missouri

Named after its Canadian cousin, Toronto Missouri was established in 1856. Today, this area is barely more than a dot on the map.

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We visited Midwest Toronto in late 2013. Things may have changed in the last three years – if so, please let us know and we will update – but at the time, there wasn’t much to see.

In regards to tourism, chances are (and I’m just making a personal observation here) Toronto, Canada probably receives a bit more revenue than this teeny Missouri copycat. Yet, overall, there’s a quaintness about an unincorporated community, such as this one, that can’t be denied by those who find life-affirming value in back-road wandering. In a nutshell, leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the modern world is (perhaps today more important than ever before) essential for our sanity. Escaping to these less populated areas, allows us to reaffirm our connection with nature, strip away layers of stress, relax a bit, and simply breathe.

As far as things to do in and around Toronto, check out the Toronto Springs Conservation Area (website provided by the Missouri Department of Conservation). Established in 1986, the site includes the area where the Toronto Springs grain mill once stood. Built in the 1850’s at the junction of Wet Glaize Creek and the spring branch, the mill was the happenin’ spot at the time. As the official go-to meeting place back in the day for everything from church services to elections, rumor has it the mill also served locally produced beer and cheese to those waiting for their grain to be processed. Precursor to the modern day happy hour perhaps?

Although tiny compared with other nature areas in the state, Toronto Springs was pristine, free from beer bottles, cigarette butts and other cast-offs of modern civilization…, with one exception…

Toronto, MO TV

(BTW, the reception was terrible) ☺

Toronto Conservation Area Stream
Overall, the conservation area was a beautiful place to relax, regroup and experience nature.

Toronto Conservation Area Stream

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