Country/State Continent Population Language Latitude/Longitude Distance Apart
Monroe Co, MO N. America 9? English 39.4931/-91.7871 1178 miles
USA N. America 19.89 million English 27.6648/-81.5158



Honestly, what’s not to like about the Sunshine State? And frankly, who hasn’t been there? Weather-wise, temperatures stay pretty much in the shorts-and-sandals range and there is oodles of stuff to do.

Here are just a few highlights that will probably be familiar to most.

Walt Disney World including Epcot, Universal Orlando. Been here.

Disney World - Orlando

Kennedy Space Center surrounded by Merritt Island. Been here too.

Kennedy Space Center-Florida

Stretching about 120 miles off the southern tip of Florida, between the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico… the Florida Keys. And, we’ve been here as well!

Margaritaville-Key West

Margaritaville – Key West Florida

When it comes to beaches…, in Florida, pretty much every city has one, while winter-weary mid-westerners can only dream. Here are just a few of a very long list: Ft MyersTampaSt. PetePanama CityPensacola


Florida, Missouri

Named after the state, Florida Missouri is located on a spit of land that extends into Mark Twain Lake. Almost surrounded by water today, this was not always the case. In 1983, the Clarence Cannon dam impounded 165 miles of the Upper Salt river and its tributaries, creating the 18,000-acre Mark Twain Lake. As a result, Florida Missouri has beach front property, not unlike it’s southern cousin.

Florida, Missouri road sign

Florida is located in an area that was called Little Dixie during the Civil War. This is because many early settlers came from south and brought their culture with them.

Mark Twain Birthplace historic site

Florida Missouri is famous as the birthplace of Samuel Clemens. The author of such well-known books as Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, was born in Florida on November 30, 1835. After a stint working on a Mississippi steamboat, he adopted his pen name, Mark Twain, which is what the leadsman would call out when the water depth was safe to navigate.

Information about the famous author and a memorial celebrating his life frame Mark Twain’s boyhood home in the distance.

Highway 107 that leads into Florida is straddled by beautiful Mark Twain State Park.

Gorgeous in the winter, Buzzard’s Roost lookout point in Mark Twain State Park is a delightful place to picnic throughout the year.

We were extremely impressed with the Mark Twain Memorial Shrine Museum – definitely worth the stop!

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