Exploring the Bootheel

At the far southeastern corner of Missouri is a chunky bit with jagged edges that dips down into Arkansas. At first glance, one would think this oddly shaped area was added as an afterthought, most probably by a tipsy map maker. Imagine the scenario…”Ah shucks, (belch) I messed up Missouri.” In reality, this area is […]

Getting to Brunswick/Salisbury/Wien

November in Missouri is seldom predictable, but today’s overcast skies are fairly typical. As temps hover in the upper 40’s we pack our tuna sandwiches, chips, water and carrots, then bundle up for our threefold destination. Our first stop will be Salisbury. While it’s English cousin is famous for such architectural marvels as the Salisbury Cathedral […]

Getting to Santa Fe/Florida

Its a balmy 15 degrees with overcast skies, and the landscape is a mix of leftover snow and brown stubbly grass – a typical winter morning in the Midwest.

Getting to Toronto/Iberia

We discover that “Marvel Cave is Awesome!” and there have been more than 2,500 wedding at Bridal Cave.

Getting to Lebanon

Outside of Eldon as we cross White Creek. I see a sign for Bad Donkey Tattoo Company. If I ever get a tattoo (like never), honestly, I must get it there.

Getting to Belgrade

Today, I think about road trips I use to take with my family when I was younger; when my Dad was behind the wheel instead of my husband, and vacations were few and far between.

Getting To Paris and Cairo

Call me crazy, but unlike some people who steer clear of two-lane roads because they don’t want to get stuck behind poky farm equipment, I’m more terrified of the 10 ton, 18-wheelers barreling down on me at 70 miles per hour. My survival instincts override my need for speed nine times out of ten.

Getting to Glasgow and Lisbon

With arms out-stretched and index fingers rigidly pointing in the direction they traveled, these life-sized “cut-outs” were pretty far-out from all accounts; but neater still because their heads were missing.

Getting to Versailles and Montreal

It’s well-documented that men and women approach travel quite differently. In fact, scientifically, it all stems from our cavemen ancestors. About a gazillion generations ago, our forefathers (and foremothers) took trips; some for fun, like family outings to see the tar pits; others for necessity (when incredibly large sheets of ice began moving in their […]