Country/State Continent Population Language Latitude/Longitude Distance Apart
Chariton Co, MO N. America 858 English 39.4234/-93.1305 4106 miles
England Europe 200,000 English 55.0576/-1.6525


Brunswick Village, England

According to Wikipedia, Brunswick MO was named after Brunswick, England. Problem is, there are five international locations that are named Brunswick: Brunswick (Hove), Brunswick in Lancashire, Brunswick in Swansea, Brunswick Village in Tyne and Wear and Brunswick in West Midlands. So, considering we would be 20 precent right with any choice, we tossed a coin and are using the Brunswick Village in Tyne and Wear to compare and contrast with it’s Missouri cousin. The population given for this area is for greater North Tyneside as this is the borough it resides within.

Formerly known as Dinnington Colliery, Brunswick Village was a hot bed of coal mining for 100 years, from the 1860s to 1960s. The village is divided between the metropolitan borough of North Tyneside and the metropolitan borough of Newcastle upon Tyne.

A key attraction is the Big Waters Nature Reserve. This 50-acre site, which is located at the edge of the village and is centered on a lake, formed following mining subsidence in the 1920s.

Brunswick -Big Waters - boardwalk_Duncan Hutt

Brunswick, Missouri

Brunswick City Limits

When it comes to the key attraction in Brunswick, Missouri, think nut! The entire Brunswick area produces a lot of tasty pecans. And who doesn’t love pecans! However, as we drove up to Brunswick I was doing a little research and discovered that the humble pecan is not really a “nut” at all. Who knew! In technical terms a pecan is a “drupe,” or, a type of fruit with an outer fleshy part surrounding a shell (pit) with a seed inside. Other drupes include: peaches, plums, cherries, walnuts and almonds!  

But regardless of how you want to categorize your nuts, one thing is very clear: Brunswick’s Giant Pecan is impressive.

Large Pecan

Built in 1982, this 12,000 pound (that’s 6 tons!), seven feet by 12 feet concrete replica was the brainchild of George and Elizabeth James, who ran a pecan farm on the outskirts of the city for almost 60 years. For decades, this giant nut/drupe enticed pecan lovers to stop by the James’ Nut Hut roadside stand. Although long gone now, in it’s hay day this popular tourist stop provided weary travelers with delicious pecans, activities for the family and a welcomed place to stretch their legs.

Brunswick Nut Hut Pecan Info

Popup Theatre

In 2013, the Giant Pecan was moved to downtown Brunswick, where it is still a major tourist attraction. Every fall, Brunswick hosts their annual Pecan Festival, which has been known to include many traditional events such as, crowning the Pecan Queen, awarding the cutest baby, and auctioning off some awesome pecan pies!

Pecan Sign

Here are a few more pictures of Brunswick’s unique downtown area:

Brunswick Painted Sign

Artwork abounds in some of the most unusual places!

Brunswick Painted Tunnel

Of course, there’s a saloon…

Brunswick Dirty Sallys

And, some beautiful architecture from days gone by…

Brunswick Store

Like most small towns and communities in the Midwest, the pace is slow and relaxing. It’s a characteristic Paul enjoys to the fullest!

Brunswick Paul on bench


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