Named after its Canadian cousin, Toronto Missouri was established in 1856. Today, this area is barely more than a dot on the map.

Getting to Toronto/Iberia

We discover that “Marvel Cave is Awesome!” and there have been more than 2,500 wedding at Bridal Cave.


It’s always an eye-opener and we learn so many new things every time we visit these little off the beaten track communities. But after visiting Caledonia, we learned a really valuable lesson: ¬†always check our pictures before saying adieu.


A billboard catches our eyes. It’s instructional: “Please Drive Friendly”. We wonder what sort sort of driving conditions prompted the city fathers to post such a sign. Hmmmm…

Getting to Lebanon

Outside of Eldon as we cross White Creek. I see a sign for Bad Donkey Tattoo Company. If I ever get a tattoo (like never), honestly, I must get it there.


I would assume Missouri Spartan women have a similar sense of equality as the men in their tiny town, but after venturing into Trojan country (as indicated by their road sign) this sleepy off-the-beaten-track community is anything but battle-ready.


The food was surprisingly good, and honestly the woman serving us is one of the friendliest individuals I have ever met. So we asked if there was anything interesting to do in Belgrade. “There was a murder in the afternoon here once,” she said.

Getting to Belgrade

Today, I think about road trips I use to take with my family when I was younger; when my Dad was behind the wheel instead of my husband, and vacations were few and far between.

Cairo, Sans the Sphinx

…we soon discovered Cairo is kind of like a Jiffy Lube: You’re in, you’re out, you’re on your way…

The City of Light!

But perhaps the most thought-provoking items in the courthouse square are two stones that speak volumes.