Getting to Brunswick/Salisbury/Wien

November in Missouri is seldom predictable, but today’s overcast skies are fairly typical. As temps hover in the upper 40’s we pack our tuna sandwiches, chips, water and carrots, then bundle up for our threefold destination. Our first stop will be Salisbury. While it’s English cousin is famous for such architectural marvels as the Salisbury Cathedral […]


  Country/State Continent Population Language Latitude/Longitude Distance Apart Monroe Co, MO N. America 9? English 39.4931/-91.7871 1178 miles USA N. America 19.89 million English 27.6648/-81.5158   Florida Honestly, what’s not to like about the Sunshine State? And frankly, who hasn’t been there? Weather-wise, temperatures stay pretty much in the shorts-and-sandals range and there is oodles […]

Actually, it’s Santa Fē

Ask a local what to do in Santa Fe Missouri, and the first thing they will do is correct you on your pronunciation of their little town. “Santa Fē,” they will say, with a smile.

Getting to Santa Fe/Florida

Its a balmy 15 degrees with overcast skies, and the landscape is a mix of leftover snow and brown stubbly grass – a typical winter morning in the Midwest.

By Any Other Name

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