Actually, it’s Santa Fē


Country/State Continent Population Language Latitude/Longitude Distance Apart
Monroe Co, MO N. America 192 English 39.3689/-91.8191 935 miles
New Mexico N. America 82,800 English 35.6870/-105.9378


Santa Fe, New Mexico

Founded in 1610 as a Spanish colony, the capital of New Mexico, Santa Fe is a popular tourist stop today. In 2011, we took Amtrak’s Southwest Chief from La Plata Missouri and spent several days wandering this delightful town, whose tag line according to their official travel site is The City Different. And it is different – wonderfully so!

Amtrak La Plata, Missouri

We found Santa Fe to be very walk-able, and during our stay we visited several of the local attraction including, the Georgia O’Keefe Museum and the Palace of the Governors.

The Georgia O’Keefe Museum is just a few blocks from the historic Santa Fe Plaza. The artist’s home and studio in the village of Abiquiu is only about 60 miles from Santa Fe.

Georgia O'Keefe Museum

The Palace of the Governors, built by the Spanish in 1610, is our country’s oldest continuously occupied public building. Exhibits depict the history of Santa Fe as well as New Mexico. Because American Indian artists set-up areas under its historic portal to sell their wares, this is also a wonderful place to explore and buy items from local talent.

Additionally, we rented a car and drove to some of the Native American Pueblos in the area, which are very well-preserved. Over a half dozen Pueblos are within easy driving of Santa Fe. Many of the pueblos in NM were in existence prior to the Spanish contact period.

Pueblo near Santa Fe, New Mexico


Santa Fe, Missouri

Ask a local what to do in Santa Fe Missouri, and the first thing they will do is correct you on your pronunciation of their little town. “Santa Fē,” they will say, with a smile. For aside from being a bit smaller, less populated and having fewer tourist attractions than it’s better known counterpart, it’s that long e sound in Fe that sets this Midwestern community apart from it’s better known counterpart. That, and the charm of this tiny town.

Santa Fe, Missouri road sign

Founded in 1836, this unincorporated area is little more than the tiny post office, which by the way, that has been in operation since 1854.

Santa Fe, Missouri road sign

A stone’s throw from the post office is the Santa Fe Community Hall. According to the information posted above the doorway, the building was established in 1905. In 2002, the structure was donated jointly by Lodges Santa Fe #462 and the Paris #19.

Santa Fe, Missouri IOOF building

We didn’t spend a lot of time in Santa Fe on this blustery day.  We are ready to set out for our next destination, Florida, a name that brings up visions of warm sandy beaches, palm trees and umbrella topped drinks. Ahhhh! However, unfortunately, this Florida is nowhere close to the sunshine state.


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