Molly and Paul Wright at Arches National Park Utah

Freelance writer, Molly Wright’s articles have appeared in local Mid-Missouri magazines, she was a ghost-writer for Trade Press Services, created blogs on Greenupforlife, and co-owns with husband Paul, the writing and software company LLC. She also co-authored a tween mystery with her daughter Kristen Wright. Currently, she works as a Library Associate at the local library. Along with traveling cheaply in the Show-Me State, Molly enjoys walking and hiking, is an avid reader and loves the great outdoors. With her propensity for spontaneous dance, she frequently embarrasses their four grown children.

Paul Wright retired as Director-Geospatial Information Service for the State of Missouri in early 2016. He works part time providing technical consulting and software development for businesses, including start-ups. Along with researching the more “famous of the two cities,” Paul takes the photos for In a small way, this satisfies his passion for anthropology and archaeology. Well versed in geography, Paul makes sure the car is going in the right direction, most of the time.

Molly and Paul reside in Columbia, Missouri where they met on a blind date 40 years ago while attending the University of Missouri (MU). They spend their weekends purposely getting lost on back roads, discovering out of the way places, and meeting some amazing people with stories to share.