Country/State Continent Population Language Latitude/Longitude Distance Apart Chariton Co, MO N. America 858 English 39.4234/-93.1305 4106 miles England Europe 200,000 English 55.0576/-1.6525   Brunswick Village, England According to Wikipedia, Brunswick MO was named after Brunswick, England. Problem is, there areĀ five international locations that are named Brunswick: Brunswick (Hove), Brunswick in Lancashire, Brunswick in Swansea, […]

Getting to Brunswick/Salisbury/Wien

November in Missouri is seldom predictable, but today’s overcast skies are fairly typical. As temps hover in the upper 40’s we pack our tuna sandwiches, chips, water and carrots, then bundle up for our threefold destination. Our first stop will be Salisbury. While it’s English cousin is famous for such architectural marvelsĀ as the Salisbury Cathedral […]